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#ifndef _MY_FLOATING_
#define _MY_FLOATING_

#include <Windows.h>
#include <Dialogs.h>
#include <LowMem.h>

// funtion prototypes
void ActivateWindow (WindowPtr window, Boolean on);
void InitFloats (void);
Boolean IsDialog (WindowPtr whichWindow);
Boolean IsFloating (WindowPtr whichWindow);
Boolean IsVisible (WindowPtr whichWindow);
void UpdateFloats (void);
void MakeFloat (WindowPtr theWindow);
void MakeDialogFloat (WindowPtr theWindow);
void ReactToRemoval (WindowPeek underWindow);
void HideTheWindow (WindowPtr whichWindow);     
void DisposeTheWindow (WindowPtr whichWindow);
void SelectTheWindow (WindowPtr whichWindow);
void DragTheWindow (WindowPtr whichWindow, EventRecord *Event);

//generally useless; too low level
void HideFloats (void);
void ShowFloats (void);

// global variables
extern WindowPtr bottomFloat;
extern WindowPtr topFloat;
extern WindowPtr topWindow;

// macros used periodically in the floating window functions
#define kFloatingKind         317

//#define CurActivate               0x0A64      //68K
#define CurActivate                 (LMGetCurActivate())

//#define CurDeactive               0x0A68      //68K
#define CurDeactive                 (LMGetCurDeactive())

//#define WindowList                0x09D6      //68K
#define WindowList                  (LMGetWindowList())

#define cancelDrag                  0x80008000


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