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/* Definitions for sides in Xconq.
   Copyright (C) 1987-1989, 1991-1997, 1999-2000 Stanley T. Shebs.

Xconq is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option)
any later version.  See the file COPYING.  */

/* A side mask is a bit vector, where the bit position corresponds to the
   side number. */

#if MAXSIDES < 31
typedef int SideMask;
#define NOSIDES (0)
#define ALLSIDES (-1)
#define add_side_to_set(side,mask) ((mask) | (1 << ((side) ? (side)->id : 0)))
#define remove_side_from_set(side,mask) \
  ((mask) & ~(1 << ((side) ? (side)->id : 0)))
#define side_in_set(side,mask) ((mask) & (1 << ((side) ? (side)->id : 0)))
not implemented yet
#endif /* MAXSIDES */

/* Doctrine is policy info that units and players use to help decide
   behavior. */

typedef struct a_doctrine {
    short id;                 /* a unique id */
    char *name;               /* a distinguishing name for the doctrine */
    short resupply_percent;   /* do resupply task if below this */
    short rearm_percent;      /* do resupply of ammo if below this */
    short repair_percent;     /* do repairs if hp at or below this */
    short *construction_run;  /* number of each type to build usually */
    short locked;       /* true if values can't be changed */
    struct a_doctrine *next;  /* pointer to next doctrine defined */
} Doctrine;

/* A standing order is a conditional order that applies to any matching
   unit not already doing a task. */

enum sordercond {

typedef struct a_standing_order {
    char *types;        /* unit types to which order applies */
    enum sordercond condtype; /* type of condition to trigger on */
    int a1, a2, a3;           /* parameters to test (x, y, etc) */
    struct a_task *task;      /* task to perform */
    struct a_standing_order *next; /* link to next standing order for side */
} StandingOrder;

/* Each Xconq player is a "side" - more or less one country.  A side
   may or may not be played by a person, and may or may not have a
   display attached to it.  Each side has a different view of the
   world.  */

typedef struct a_side {
    int id;             /* a unique id */
    Obj *symbol;        /* a symbol bound to side's id */
    /* Name-related slots. */
    char *name;               /* proper name of this side */
    char *longname;           /* the long name of this side */
    char *shortname;          /* the long name of this side */
    char *noun;               /* the noun describing a member of this side */
    char *pluralnoun;         /* the noun describing several members */
    char *adjective;          /* adjective for members of this side */
    char *colorscheme;        /* names of the side's characteristic colors */
    char *emblemname;         /* name of the side's emblem */
    char **unitnamers;        /* array of unit naming method names */
    Obj *featurenamers;       /* list of feature naming methods */
    short nameslocked;        /* true if names may not be changed by player */
    char *sideclass;          /* general type or class description */
    /* Relationships with other sides, types, etc. */
    struct a_unit *self_unit; /* unit that embodies side */
    short self_unit_id;       /* id of unit that embodies side */
    struct a_side *controlled_by; /* side controlling this one */
    short controlled_by_id;   /* id of controlling side */
    SideMask knows_about;     /* true if side knows about another side */
    short *trusts;            /* true if side trusts another side */
    short *trades;
    short *startwith;         /* how many units of each type at start of game */
    short *counts;            /* array of numbers for identifying units */
    short *tech;        /* tech level for each unit type */
    short *inittech;          /* tech level at beginning of turn */
    short *action_priorities; /* action priority for each unit type */
    short *already_seen;      /* chance that other units already seen */
    short *already_seen_indep;      /* chance that independent units already seen */
    Doctrine *default_doctrine;     /* fallback doctrine */
    Doctrine **udoctrine;     /* array of per-unit-type doctrines */
    short doctrines_locked;   /* true if all doctrines locked */
    StandingOrder *orders;    /* list of standing orders for the side */
    StandingOrder *last_order;
    char *uorders;            /* bit vector of types that have orders */
    Obj *possible_units;      /* list of units to give to side */
    short ai_may_resign;      /* true if AI may draw or resign on its own */
    short *advance;           /* State of research (accum pts) for each */ 
                        /* advance. Set to -1 when completed. */
    short research_topic;     /* advance that the side is working on */
    short autoresearch;       /* TRUE if next research topic autoselected */
    short *treasury;          /* globally available supply of each
                           material type */
    short *c_rates;           /* material conversion rates */
    /* View layers. */
    char *terrview;           /* ptr to view of terrain */
    char **auxterrview;       /* ptr to view of aux terrain */
    short *terrviewdate;      /* ptr to dates of view of terrain */
    short **auxterrviewdate;  /* ptr to dates of view of aux terrain */
    struct a_unit_view **unit_views;  /* ptr to table of views of units */
    short **materialview;     /* ptr to view of cell materials */
    short **materialviewdate; /* ptr to dates of view of cell materials */
    short *tempview;          /* ptr to view of temperature */
    short *tempviewdate;      /* ptr to dates of view of temperature */
    short *cloudview;         /* ptr to view of clouds */
    short *cloudbottomview;   /* ptr to view of cloud bottoms */
    short *cloudheightview;   /* ptr to view of cloud heights */
    short *cloudviewdate;     /* ptr to dates of view of clouds */
    short *windview;          /* ptr to view of winds */
    short *windviewdate;      /* ptr to dates of view of winds */
    /* Progress and status within game. */
    short ingame;       /* true if side participating in game */
    short everingame;         /* true if side ever participated in a turn */
    short priority;           /* overall action priority of this side */
    short status;       /* -1/0/1 for lost/draw/won */
    short *scores;            /* array of scores managed by scorekeepers */
    Obj *rawscores;           /* score data as read from file */
    short willingtodraw;      /* will this side go along with quitters? */
    short autofinish;         /* turn done when all units acted */
    short finishedturn;       /* true when side wants to go to next turn */
    short turntimeused;       /* seconds used this turn */
    short totaltimeused;      /* total seconds used */
    short timeouts;           /* total timeouts used */
    short timeoutsused;       /* total timeouts used */
    short curactor_pos;       /* index in actionvector to current unit */
    struct a_unit *curactor;
    short curactor_id;
    /* Setup. */
    short advantage;          /* actual advantage */
    short minadvantage;       /* min advantage requestable during init */
    short maxadvantage;       /* max of same */
    short init_center_x, init_center_y;   /* center of preferred initial view */
    Obj *instructions;        /* notes to player about the game */
    /* Other. */
    short last_notice_date;   /* last turn during which notice was posted */
    short realtimeout;        /* how long to wait before just going ahead */
    long startbeeptime;       /* after this time, beep to signal next turn */
    short *gaincounts;        /* array of counts of unit gains by the side */
    short *losscounts;        /* array of counts of losses by the side */
    long **atkstats;          /* array of counts of attacks by units */
    long **hitstats;          /* array of damage done by unit attacks */
    /* Pointers to the other major structures of a side. */
    struct a_player *player;  /* pointer to data about the player */
    short playerid;           /* numeric id of the player */
    struct a_ui *ui;          /* pointer to all the user interface data */
    Obj *uidata;        /* read/write form of user interface state */
    short aitype;       /* type of AI making decisions */
    struct a_ai *ai;          /* pointer to the AI making decisions */
    Obj *aidata;        /* readable/writable form of AI state */
    struct a_rui *rui;        /* pointer to interface data if remote */
    struct a_rai *rai;        /* pointer to AI data if remote */
    /* Misc working slots, never saved. */
    short startx, starty;     /* approx center of side's "country" */
    short busy;               /* true when side state not saveable */
    short finalradius;
    short willingtosave;      /* will this side go along with saving game? */
    /* True if the side sees everything.  Right now this is just a cache
       for g_see_all().  Note in particular that becoming a designer
       should not change this value. */
    short see_all;
    /* True if the side's interface should display everything.  This is
       seeded from side->see_all, and also becomes true when designing
       or when the game is over. */
    short show_all;
    /* True if the value of show_all can be changed by the player.  This
       is normally off, but can be toggled while designing or after the
       game is over. */
    short may_set_show_all;
    short unit_view_restored; /* true if unit view was read in */
    short designer;           /* true if side is doing scenario design */
#endif /* DESIGNERS */
    /* Various caches, should be possible to recalc as needed. */
    short *uavail;                  /* vector of types allowed on this side (as determined by 
    short *canbuild;          /* vector of unit types that side has advances to build */
    short *canresearch;       /* vector of advances that side has advances to research */
    struct a_unit *unithead;  /* points to list of all units on this side */
    struct a_unitvector *actionvector;  /* vector of acting units */
    short numwaiting;         /* number of units waiting to get orders */
    short *coverage;          /* indicates how many looking at this cell */
    short *alt_coverage;      /* indicates minimum altitude visible */
    short *numunits;          /* number of units the side has */
    short numacting;          /* number of units that can do things */
    short numfinished;        /* number of units that have finished acting */
    long turnstarttime;       /* real time at start of turn */
    long lasttime;            /* when clock started counting down again */
    long turnfinishtime;      /* real time when we've finished interacting */
    long laststarttime;       /* ? */
    int point_value_cache;
    int point_value_valid;
    int prefixarg;            /* cache of UI prefixarg, for generic cmds */
    /* Links. */
    struct a_side *next;      /* pointer to next in list */
} Side;

/* Some convenient macros. */

#define side_in_play(side) (side->ingame)

/* Iteration over all sides. */

/* This is the old for_all_sides which does not include indepside. */

#define for_all_real_sides(v)  \
  for (v = (sidelist ? sidelist->next : NULL); v != NULL; v = v->next)

/* This is the new indepside-including version of for_all_sides. It has
replaced for_all_side_plus_indep everywhere. */

#define for_all_sides(v)  \
  for (v = sidelist; v != NULL; v = v->next)

/* Macros for accessing and setting a side's view data.  In general,
   interfaces should go through these macros instead of accessing the
   world's state directly. */

#define terrain_view(s,x,y)  \
  ((s)->terrview ? aref((s)->terrview, x, y) : buildtview(terrain_at(x, y)))

#define set_terrain_view(s,x,y,v)  \
  ((s)->terrview ? aset((s)->terrview, x, y, v) : 0)

#define buildtview(t) ((t) + 1)

#define vterrain(v) ((v) - 1)

#define UNSEEN (0)

#define terrain_view_date(s,x,y)  \
  ((s)->terrviewdate ? aref((s)->terrviewdate, x, y) : 0)

#define set_terrain_view_date(s,x,y,v)  \
  ((s)->terrviewdate ? aset((s)->terrviewdate, x, y, v) : 0)

#define aux_terrain_view(s,x,y,t)  \
  (((s)->auxterrview && (s)->auxterrview[t]) ? aref((s)->auxterrview[t], x, y) : (aux_terrain_defined(t) ? aux_terrain_at(x, y, t) : 0))

#define set_aux_terrain_view(s,x,y,t,v)  \
  (((s)->auxterrview && (s)->auxterrview[t]) ? aset((s)->auxterrview[t], x, y, v) : 0)

#define aux_terrain_view_date(s,x,y,t)  \
  (((s)->auxterrviewdate && (s)->auxterrviewdate[t]) ? aref((s)->auxterrviewdate[t], x, y) : 0)

#define set_aux_terrain_view_date(s,x,y,t,v)  \
  (((s)->auxterrviewdate && (s)->auxterrviewdate[t]) ? aset((s)->auxterrviewdate[t], x, y, v) : 0)

/* Iterate over all unit views at a given location.  Note that if
   side->see_all, the view objects are built on-the-fly and all
   actually point to the same bit of storage, so you can't expect to
   keep them from one loop iteration to the next. */

#define for_all_view_stack(s,x,y,uv) \
  for ((uv) = unit_view_at(s,x,y); (uv) != NULL; (uv) = unit_view_next(s,x,y,uv))

/* Access to various properties of a unit view. */

#define view_type(uv) ((uv)->type)

#define view_side(uv) (side_n((uv)->side_id))

#define view_size(uv) ((uv)->size)

/* Get a pointer to the actual unit being viewed if possible. */

#define view_unit(uv) \
  (((uv)->unit != NULL && (uv)->id == (uv)->unit->id) ? (uv)->unit : NULL)

/* Manipulation of view of cell materials. */

#define material_view(s,x,y,m)  \
  (((s)->materialview && (s)->materialview[m]) ? aref((s)->materialview[m], x, y) : (cell_material_defined(m) ? material_at(x, y, m) : 0))

#define set_material_view(s,x,y,m,v)  \
  (((s)->materialview && (s)->materialview[m]) ? aset((s)->materialview[m], x, y, v) : 0)

#define material_view_date(s,x,y,m)  \
  (((s)->materialviewdate && (s)->materialviewdate[m]) ? aref((s)->materialviewdate[m], x, y) : 0)

#define set_material_view_date(s,x,y,m,v)  \
  (((s)->materialviewdate && (s)->materialviewdate[m]) ? aset((s)->materialviewdate[m], x, y, v) : 0)

/* Manipulation of view of weather. */

#define temperature_view(s,x,y)  \
  ((s)->tempview ? aref((s)->tempview, x, y) : (temperatures_defined() ? temperature_at(x, y) : 0))

#define set_temperature_view(s,x,y,v)  \
  ((s)->tempview ? aset((s)->tempview, x, y, v) : 0)

#define temperature_view_date(s,x,y)  \
  ((s)->tempviewdate ? aref((s)->tempviewdate, x, y) : 0)

#define set_temperature_view_date(s,x,y,v)  \
  ((s)->tempviewdate ? aset((s)->tempviewdate, x, y, v) : 0)

#define cloud_view(s,x,y)  \
  ((s)->cloudview ? aref((s)->cloudview, x, y) : (clouds_defined() ? raw_cloud_at(x, y) : 0))

#define set_cloud_view(s,x,y,v)  \
  ((s)->cloudview ? aset((s)->cloudview, x, y, v) : 0)

#define cloud_view_date(s,x,y)  \
  ((s)->cloudviewdate ? aref((s)->cloudviewdate, x, y) : 0)

#define set_cloud_view_date(s,x,y,v)  \
  ((s)->cloudviewdate ? aset((s)->cloudviewdate, x, y, v) : 0)

#define cloud_bottom_view(s,x,y)  \
  ((s)->cloudbottomview ? aref((s)->cloudbottomview, x, y) : (cloud_bottoms_defined() ? raw_cloud_bottom_at(x, y) : 0))

#define set_cloud_bottom_view(s,x,y,v)  \
  ((s)->cloudbottomview ? aset((s)->cloudbottomview, x, y, v) : 0)

#define cloud_bottom_view_date(s,x,y)  \
  ((s)->cloudbottomviewdate ? aref((s)->cloudbottomviewdate, x, y) : 0)

#define set_cloud_bottom_view_date(s,x,y,v)  \
  ((s)->cloudbottomviewdate ? aset((s)->cloudbottomviewdate, x, y, v) : 0)

#define cloud_height_view(s,x,y)  \
  ((s)->cloudheightview ? aref((s)->cloudheightview, x, y) : (cloud_heights_defined() ? raw_cloud_height_at(x, y) : 0))

#define set_cloud_height_view(s,x,y,v)  \
  ((s)->cloudheightview ? aset((s)->cloudheightview, x, y, v) : 0)

#define cloud_height_view_date(s,x,y)  \
  ((s)->cloudheightviewdate ? aref((s)->cloudheightviewdate, x, y) : 0)

#define set_cloud_height_view_date(s,x,y,v)  \
  ((s)->cloudheightviewdate ? aset((s)->cloudheightviewdate, x, y, v) : 0)

#define wind_view(s,x,y)  \
  ((s)->windview ? aref((s)->windview, x, y) : (winds_defined() ? raw_wind_at(x, y) : CALM))

#define set_wind_view(s,x,y,v)  \
  ((s)->windview ? aset((s)->windview, x, y, v) : 0)

#define wind_view_date(s,x,y)  \
  ((s)->windviewdate ? aref((s)->windviewdate, x, y) : 0)

#define set_wind_view_date(s,x,y,v)  \
  ((s)->windviewdate ? aset((s)->windviewdate, x, y, v) : 0)

/* Basic manipulation of vision coverage cache layer. */

#define cover(s,x,y)  \
  ((s)->coverage ? aref((s)->coverage, x, y) : 0)

#define set_cover(s,x,y,v)  \
  ((s)->coverage ? aset((s)->coverage, x, y, v) : 0)

#define add_cover(s,x,y,v)  \
  ((s)->coverage ? (aref((s)->coverage, x, y) += (v)) : 0)

#define alt_cover(s,x,y)  \
  ((s)->alt_coverage ? aref((s)->alt_coverage, x, y) : 0)

#define set_alt_cover(s,x,y,v)  \
  ((s)->alt_coverage ? aset((s)->alt_coverage, x, y, v) : 0)

/* Tests both that s can have a treasury and that m can be stored in it. */

#define side_has_treasury(s,m) (s != indepside ? m_treasury(m) : g_indepside_has_treasury() ? m_treasury(m) : FALSE) 

/* Tests of who/what runs the side. */

#define side_wants_display(s) ((s)->player && (s)->player->displayname)

#define side_wants_ai(s) ((s)->player && (s)->player->aitypename)

#define side_has_display(s) (((s)->ui) != NULL || ((s)->rui) != NULL)

#define side_has_local_display(s) ((s)->ui != NULL)

#define side_has_ai(s) (((s)->ai) != NULL || ((s)->rai) != NULL)

#define side_has_local_ai(s) ((s)->ai != NULL)

/* Tests of side state. */

#define side_lost(s) ((s) != NULL && !(s)->ingame && (s)->status < 0)

#define side_drew(s) ((s) != NULL && !(s)->ingame && (s)->status == 0)

#define side_won(s) ((s) != NULL && !(s)->ingame && (s)->status > 0)

#define side_gain_count(s,u,r) (((s)->gaincounts)[num_gain_reasons*(u)+(r)])

#define side_loss_count(s,u,r) (((s)->losscounts)[num_loss_reasons*(u)+(r)])

#define side_atkstats(s,a,d) ((s)->atkstats[a] ? ((s)->atkstats[a])[d] : 0)

#define side_hitstats(s,a,d) ((s)->hitstats[a] ? ((s)->hitstats[a])[d] : 0)

#define terrain_visible(side, x, y)  \
  ((side)->see_all || (terrain_view((side), wrapx(x), (y)) != UNSEEN))

#define borders_visible(side, x, y, d)  \
  ((side)->see_all || seen_border((side), (x), (y), (d)))

#define units_visible(side, x, y)  \
  ((side)->see_all || (cover((side), wrapx(x), (y)) >= 1))

#define has_advance(side,a) ((side)->advance[(a)] == -1)

#define side_can_build(side,a) ((side)->canbuild != NULL ? (side)->canbuild[(a)] : TRUE)

#define side_can_research(side,a) ((side)->canresearch != NULL ? (side)->canresearch[(a)] : TRUE)

#define inactive_indepside(side)  \
  ((side) == indepside && !side_has_ai(side) && !side_has_display(side))

#define is_designer(side) (side->designer)
#else /* DESIGNERS */
#define is_designer(side) (FALSE)
#endif /* DESIGNERS */

#define for_all_doctrines(d)  \
  for ((d) = doctrine_list; (d) != NULL; (d) = (d)->next)

/* Side-related variables. */

extern Side *sidelist;
extern Side *lastside;
extern Side *indepside;
extern Side *curside;
extern Side *tmpside;

extern int numsides;
extern int numtotsides;
extern int numplayers;
extern int numdesigners;
#endif /* DESIGNERS */

/* Definition of an agreement between sides. */

typedef struct a_agreement {
    short id;                 /* a unique id */
    char *typename;           /* a descriptive general name */
    char *name;               /* the specific name of this agreement */
    int state;                /* is this agreement in effect */
    SideMask drafters;        /* sides drafting the agreement */
    SideMask proposers;       /* sides ready to propose the draft agreement */
    SideMask signers;         /* proposed list of signers */
    SideMask willing;         /* sides that have indicated agreement so far */
    SideMask knownto;         /* sides that are aware of signed agreement */
    struct a_obj *terms;      /* list of specific terms */
    short enforcement;        /* true if program should try to enforce terms */
    struct a_agreement *next;
} Agreement;

enum {
    draft,                    /* agreement is circulating among drafters */
    proposed,                 /* agreement proposed to prospective signers */
    in_force,                 /* agreement is active */
    moribund                  /* agreement has expired */

/* Iteration over all agreements in the game. */

#define for_all_agreements(v) for (v = agreement_list; v != NULL; v = v->next)

#define any_agreements() (agreement_list != NULL)

#define side_signed_agreement(side,ag) ((ag)->signers[side_n(side)])

#define side_willing_agreement(side,ag) ((ag)->willing[side_n(side)])

#define side_knows_about_agreement(side,ag) ((ag)->knownto[side_n(side)])

/* Agreement-related variables. */

extern int num_agreements;

extern Agreement *agreement_list;
extern Agreement *last_agreement;

/* Note: Can't use the "Unit" typedef below, must use "struct a_unit". */

extern void init_sides(void);
extern Side *create_side(void);
extern void init_side_unithead(Side *side);
extern int side_has_units(Side *side);
extern void init_doctrine(Side *side);
extern void init_self_unit(Side *side);
extern int init_view(Side *side);
extern void calc_start_xy(Side *side);
extern char *side_name(Side *side);
extern char *side_adjective(Side *side);
extern int side_number(Side *side);
extern Side *side_n(int n);
extern Side *find_side_by_name(char *str);
extern int side_controls_side(Side *side, Side *side2);
extern int side_controls_unit(Side *side, struct a_unit *unit);
extern int side_sees_unit(Side *side, struct a_unit *unit);
extern int side_sees_image(Side *side, struct a_unit *unit);
extern int num_units_in_play(Side *side, int u);
extern int num_units_incomplete(Side *side, int u);
extern struct a_unit *find_next_unit(Side *side, struct a_unit *prevunit);
extern struct a_unit *find_prev_unit(Side *side, struct a_unit *nextunit);
extern struct a_unit *find_next_actor(Side *side, struct a_unit *prevunit);
extern struct a_unit *find_prev_actor(Side *side, struct a_unit *nextunit);
extern struct a_unit *find_next_mover(Side *side, struct a_unit *prevunit);
extern struct a_unit *find_prev_mover(Side *side, struct a_unit *nextunit);
extern struct a_unit *find_next_awake_mover(Side *side,
                                  struct a_unit *prevunit);
extern struct a_unit *find_prev_awake_mover(Side *side,
                                  struct a_unit *nextunit);
extern int side_initacp(Side *side);
extern int side_acp(Side *side);
extern int side_acp_reserved(Side *side);
extern int using_tech_levels(void);
extern void remove_side_from_game(Side *side);
extern int num_displayed_sides(void);
extern int trusted_side(Side *side1, Side *side2);
extern int enemy_side(Side *s1, Side *s2);
extern int allied_side(Side *s1, Side *s2);
extern int neutral_side(Side *s1, Side *s2);
extern void reveal_side(Side *sender, Side *recipient, int *types);
extern void receive_message(Side *side, Side *sender, char *str);
extern struct a_unit_view *unit_view_at(Side *side, int x, int y);
extern struct a_unit_view *unit_view_next(Side *side, int x, int y,
                                struct a_unit_view *uview);
extern void all_see_occupy(struct a_unit *unit, int x, int y, int inopen);
extern void all_see_leave(struct a_unit *unit, int x, int y, int inopen);
extern void cover_area(Side *side, struct a_unit *unit,
                   struct a_unit *oldtransport, int x0, int y0,
                   int x1, int y1);
extern void reset_coverage(void);
extern void calc_coverage(Side *side);
extern void reset_all_views(void);
extern void reset_view(Side *side);
extern void react_to_seen_unit(Side *side, struct a_unit *unit, int x, int y);
extern void all_see_cell(int x, int y);
extern int see_cell(Side *side, int x, int y);
extern void see_exact(Side *side, int x, int y);
extern int seen_border(Side *side, int x, int y, int dir);
extern void maybe_track(struct a_unit *unit);
extern void maybe_lose_track(struct a_unit *unit, int nx, int ny);
extern char *side_desig(Side *side);

extern Side *parse_side_spec(char *str);

extern int actual_advantage(Side *side);

extern Doctrine *new_doctrine(int id);
extern Doctrine *find_doctrine(int id);
extern Doctrine *find_doctrine_by_name(char *name);
extern Doctrine *clone_doctrine(Doctrine *doctrine);
extern void set_doctrine(Side *side, char *spec);

extern StandingOrder *new_standing_order(void);
extern void add_standing_order(Side *side, StandingOrder *sorder, int pos);
extern int parse_standing_order(Side *side, char *cmdstr);
extern char *parse_unit_types(Side *side, char *str, char *utypevec);
extern char *parse_order_cond(Side *side, char *str, StandingOrder *sorder);
extern char *get_next_arg(char *str, char *buf, char **rsltp);
extern char *standing_order_desc(StandingOrder *sorder, char *buf);

extern void init_agreements(void);
extern Agreement *create_agreement(int id);
extern Agreement *find_agreement(int id);
extern char *agreement_desig(Agreement *ag);

extern void fn_set_terrain_view(int x, int y, int val);
extern void fn_set_aux_terrain_view(int x, int y, int val);
extern void fn_set_terrain_view_date(int x, int y, int val);
extern void fn_set_aux_terrain_view_date(int x, int y, int val);
extern void fn_set_material_view(int x, int y, int val);
extern void fn_set_material_view_date(int x, int y, int val);
extern void fn_set_temp_view(int x, int y, int val);
extern void fn_set_temp_view_date(int x, int y, int val);
extern void fn_set_cloud_view(int x, int y, int val);
extern void fn_set_cloud_bottom_view(int x, int y, int val);
extern void fn_set_cloud_height_view(int x, int y, int val);
extern void fn_set_cloud_view_date(int x, int y, int val);
extern void fn_set_wind_view(int x, int y, int val);
extern void fn_set_wind_view_date(int x, int y, int val);

extern int load_side_config(Side *side);

extern void update_side_display_all_sides(Side *side, int rightnow);

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