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/* Definitions for graphics support not specific to any interface.
   Copyright (C) 1993-1995, 1997-2000 Stanley T. Shebs.

Xconq is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option)
any later version.  See the file COPYING.  */

#define NUMPOWERS 8

typedef struct a_vp {
    int sx, sy;               /* LL corner of the viewport, in pixels */
    int totsw, totsh;         /* total size of the map in pixels */
    int sxmin, symin;         /* lower bound on the viewport position */
    int sxmax, symax;         /* upper bound on the viewport position */
    short pxw, pxh;           /* size of window in pixels */
    short power;        /* index to this map's magnification */
    short mag;                /* magnification of each cell (a power of 2) */
    short vcx, vcy;           /* center of the view, in cells */
    short hw, hh;       /* pixel dims of a cell */
    short hch;                /* vertical center-to-center distance */
    short uw, uh;       /* pixel dims of unit subcell */
    short angle;        /* Angle of perspective view */
    int cellwidth;
    short vertscale;          /* vertical exaggeration of angle/iso views */
    short isometric;          /* true if display is isometric */
    short isodir;       /* direction in which iso viewer is facing */
    short wide_viewport;
    /* True if the display should bypass view structures and display the
       state of everything accurately.  This can be true if the side
       always sees all, or the side is designing, or the game is
       over. */
    short show_all;
    short draw_terrain;       /* Display solid color terrain on the map? */
    short *draw_aux_terrain;  /* draw aux terrain, each type? */
    short draw_grid;          /* Draw outlines around cells? */
    short draw_cell_pats;     /* Draw terrain patterns? */
    short draw_other_maps;    /* Draw outlines of other maps? */
    short draw_units;         /* Draw units on the map? */
    short draw_names;         /* Draw unit names/numbers on the map? */
    short oldest_to_show;     /* the relative time of the oldest data */
    short age_to_fade;        /* point at which to gray out the display */
    short draw_people;        /* Draw people sides on the map? */
    short draw_control;       /* Draw controlling sides on the map? */
    short draw_elevations;    /* Draw elevations on the map? */
    short num_contours;       /* Number of contour lines to draw */
    short contour_interval;   /* Contour interval */
    short contour_interval_fixed;  /* True if player set the interval */
    struct a_line_segment *linebuf;  /* Buffer of contour line segments */
    short draw_materials[MAXMTYPES];
    short num_materials_to_draw;
    short draw_lighting;      /* Draw day/night on the map? */
    short draw_temperature;   /* Draw temperatures on the map? */
    short draw_winds;         /* Draw wind vectors on the map? */
    short draw_clouds;        /* Draw clouds on the map? */
    short draw_storms;
    short draw_plans;
    short draw_cover;
    short draw_feature_boundaries;
    short draw_feature_names;
    short draw_meridians;     /* Draw latitude/longitude in view */
    short meridian_interval;  /* Spacing of meridians in arc minutes */
    short lat_label_lon_interval;
    short lon_label_lat_interval;
    short draw_ai;            /* Draw AI info in view */
} VP;

typedef struct a_legend {
    int ox, oy;               /* starting point */
    int dx, dy;               /* displacement */
    float angle, dist;        /* polar displacement (redundant, but useful) */
} Legend;

typedef struct a_line_segment {
    int sx1, sy1, sx2, sy2;
} LineSegment;

#define hexagon_adjust(v) (area.xwrap ? 0 : (area.halfheight * (v)->hw) / 2)

#define REDRAW_CHAR '\001'
#define BACKSPACE_CHAR '\010'
#define ESCAPE_CHAR '\033'
#define DELETE_CHAR 0x7f

extern short mags[], hws[], hhs[], hcs[], halfsides[], uws[], uhs[];

extern short bwid[], bwid2[], cwid[];

extern short bsx[NUMPOWERS][7], bsy[NUMPOWERS][7];
extern short lsx[NUMPOWERS][6], lsy[NUMPOWERS][6];

extern short ibsx[NUMPOWERS][7], ibsy[NUMPOWERS][7];
extern short ilsx[NUMPOWERS][6], ilsy[NUMPOWERS][6];

extern short qx[NUMPOWERS][7], qy[NUMPOWERS][7];

extern char *dirchars;

extern ImageFamily *unseen_image;

extern char *terrchars;
extern char *unitchars;
extern char unseen_char_1, unseen_char_2;

extern Module **possible_games;

extern int numgames;

extern void (*imf_describe_hook)(Side *side, Image *img);

/* Function declarations. */

extern void collect_possible_games(void);
extern void add_to_possible_games(Module *module);

extern VP *new_vp(void);

extern void xform_cell(VP *vp, int x, int y, int *sxp, int *syp);
extern void xform_cell_top(VP *vp, int x, int y, int *sxp, int *syp);
extern void xform_cell_fractional(VP *vp, int x, int y, int xf, int yf,
                          int *sxp, int *syp);
extern void xform_unit(VP *vp, Unit *unit,
                   int *sxp, int *syp, int *swp, int *shp);
extern void xform_unit_self(VP *vp, Unit *unit,
                      int *sxp, int *syp, int *swp, int *shp);
extern int xform_unit_self_view(Side *side, VP *vp, Unit *unit,
                        int *sxp, int *syp, int *swp, int *shp);
extern void xform_occupant(VP *vp, Unit *transport, Unit *unit,
                     int sx, int sy, int sw, int sh,
                     int *sxp, int *syp, int *swp, int *shp);
extern void xform_unit_view(Side *side, VP *vp, UnitView *uview,
                      int *sxp, int *syp, int *swp, int *shp);
extern void xform_cell_flat(VP *vp, int x, int y, int *sxp, int *syp);
extern void xform_cell_fractional_flat(VP *vp, int x, int y, int xf, int yf,
                               int *sxp, int *syp);
extern void scale_vp(VP *vp, VP *vp2, int *sxp, int *syp, int *swp, int *shp);

extern int nearest_cell(VP *vp, int sx, int sy, int *xp, int *yp,
                  int *xfp, int *yfp);
extern int nearest_boundary(VP *vp, int sx, int sy, int *xp, int *yp,
                      int *dirp);
extern int nearest_unit(Side *side, VP *vp, int sx, int sy, Unit **unitp);
extern int nearest_unit_view(Side *side, VP *vp, int sx, int sy,
                       UnitView **uviewp);

extern int cell_is_visible(VP *vp, int x, int y);
extern int cell_is_in_middle(VP *vp, int x, int y);

extern int set_view_size(VP *vp, int w, int h);
extern int set_view_position(VP *vp, int sx, int sy);
extern int set_view_power(VP *vp, int power);
extern int set_view_angle(VP *vp, int angle);
extern int set_view_isometric(VP *vp, int flag, int scale);
extern int set_view_direction(VP *vp, int dir);
extern int set_view_focus(VP *vp, int x, int y);
extern void center_on_focus(VP *vp);
extern void focus_on_center(VP *vp);

extern void free_vp(VP *vp);

extern int any_borders_in_dir(int x, int y, int dir);
extern int compute_transition(Side *side, VP *vp, int x, int y, int dir,
                        int *sxp, int *syp, int *swp, int *shp,
                        int *offsetp);

extern void compute_fire_line_segment(int sx1, int sy1, int sx2, int sy2,
                              int i, int n, int *xx, int *yy,
                              int *dx, int *dy);
extern void place_feature_legends(Legend *leg, int nf, Side *side,
                          int orient, int block);
extern void set_meridian_interval(VP *vp, int interval);
extern void plot_meridians
 (VP *vp,
  void (*line_callback)(int x1, int y1, int x1f, int y1f,
                  int x2, int y2, int x2f, int y2f),
  void (*text_callback)(int x1, int y1, int x1f, int y1f, char *str));
extern void set_contour_interval(VP *vp, int n);
extern void contour_lines_at(VP *vp, int x, int y, int sx, int sy,
                       LineSegment **lines, int *numlinesp);
extern int unit_visible(Side *side, VP *vp, Unit *unit);
extern int occupants_visible(Side *side, VP *vp, Unit *unit);
extern int draw_temperature_here(Side *side, int x, int y);
extern int draw_winds_here(Side *side, int x, int y);

extern void oneliner(Side *side, VP *vp, int sx, int sy);

extern Unit *find_unit_or_occ(Side *side, VP *vp, Unit *unit,
                        int usx, int usy, int usw, int ush,
                        int sx, int sy);
extern Unit *find_unit_at(Side *side, VP *vp, int x, int y, int sx, int sy);

extern void pick_a_focus(Side *side, int *xp, int *yp);

extern Unit *autonext_unit(Side *side, Unit *unit);
extern Unit *autonext_unit_inbox(Side *side, Unit *unit, VP *vp);
extern int could_be_next_unit(Unit *unit);

extern Unit *find_next_occupant(Unit *unit);
extern Unit *embarkation_unit(Unit *unit);
extern int find_units_matching(Side *side, char *name, Unit **unitp);

extern int num_active_displays(void);

extern int char_to_dir(int ch, int *dir1p, int *dir2p, int *modp);
extern int advance_into_cell(Side *side, Unit *unit, int x, int y,
                       Unit *other, HistEventType *reason);

extern Unit *give_supplies(Unit *unit, short *amts, short *rslts);
extern int take_supplies(Unit *unit, short *amts, short *rslts);

extern int favored_type(Unit *unit);

extern ImageFamily *get_unit_type_images(Side *side, int u);
extern ImageFamily *get_material_type_images(Side *side, int m);
extern ImageFamily *get_terrain_type_images(Side *side, int t);
extern ImageFamily *get_unseen_images(Side *side);
extern ImageFamily *get_emblem_images(Side *side, Side *side2);

extern void record_imf_get(ImageFamily *imf);

extern void describe_imf(Side *side, char *classname, char *typename,
                   ImageFamily *imf);

extern void init_ui_chars(void);
extern void dump_text_view(Side *side, int use_both);

extern int terrain_seen_at(Side *side, int x, int y);
extern Unit *unit_seen_at(Side *side, int x, int y);
extern int utype_seen_at(Side *side, int x, int y);

/* cmd.c */

extern char *cmdargstr;
extern char tmpkey;

extern HelpNode *key_commands_help_node;
extern HelpNode *long_commands_help_node;

/* Declarations of all the command functions. */

#undef DEF_CMD
#define DEF_CMD(letter,name,FN,help) \
  void FN(Side *side);

#include "cmd.def"

extern void execute_command(Side *side, int ch);
extern void execute_long_command(Side *side, char *cmdstr);
extern void parse_long_name_command(char *cmdstr, int *prefixp,
                            char **namep, char **argp, char *buf);
extern void describe_key_commands(int arg, char *key, TextBuffer *buf);
extern void describe_long_commands(int arg, char *key, TextBuffer *buf);

extern void cmd_error(Side *side, char *fmt, ...);

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